8 Great Outdoor Summer Toys

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Neon Jumbo Markers- Sidewalk Chalk

Gone are the days of basic and boring sidewalk chalk! Art supply maker, Rose Art, has come up with Neon Jumbo Markers that are made with powdered sidewalk chalk! Simply add water, shake well and then head outside for some serious sketching. This is definitely an adult-supervised situation, because the mixing of paint can get pretty messy. I let my 3-year old try these out and I’d have to say that she may have been a little too young to “appropriately” use these markers. In other words, she just walked around the driveway squirting the paint out and didn’t draw a thing. Also, I recommend wearing dark or grubby clothing because while the paint DOES wash off your sidewalk, it left some stains on her clothes that no amount of bleaching or washing could get off. All in the spirit of some fun!